I have worked with Beatrice for over 4 years and have seen her weave her magic on patients with severe swallowing disability following a long illness or acute stroke.  She tirelessly teaches and supervises caregivers on safe swallowing techniques, and is ever cheerful, approachable and reliable.  

The improvements that I see in my patients (under her care for speech therapy) are testimony to her efforts and commitment to her patients.

Dr Constance Lo

Respiratory Medical Associates: Gleneagles Medical Centre, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre


I have worked frequently with Beatrice over the past three and the half years in assessing and treating patients with swallowing and voice problems.  She is an energetic , thoughtful and positive professional whose skills and patience have contributed in no small measure to successful rehabilitation of a number of patients, particularly following stroke and in the management of long term tracheostomy.  

We have frequently performed endoscopic evaluation of swallowing, and Beatrice takes special effort to help patients understand their condition, and ensure appropriate ongoing therapy.  I often get positive feedback about her from my patients who seem to form a trusted relationship with her as their speech therapist.    

Dr David Lau

David Lau ENT Centre: Gleneagles Medical Centre