Beatrice is a committed therapist who makes an effort to really understand my mother and builds great rapport with her. Beatrice is sincere and truly cares about my mother's progress towards recovery, and therefore has managed to win my mum's trust and confidence in her. With Beatrice's constant encouragement and the right therapy exercises, my mother has really improved in her breathing, voice and swallowing! - Daughter of Madam Koon, 83

“My wife Amy had a big stroke in May 2013.  She was admitted in hospital for 9 months.  After 9 months, we were told by the doctors to send Amy to a nursing home as her rehabilitation potential was limited.  At that time, she had a tracheostomy tube for breathing and NGT for feeding.  We were devastated.  Fortunately, in March 2014, we met Beatrice and she gave us hope that Amy would improve with the right therapy.  We took Amy home and Beatrice would come to our house to do therapy.  Beatrice taught Amy many new exercises to improve her breathing and swallowing and day by day, we could see Amy making progress.  In December 2014, the tracheostomy tube was removed as she was able to breathe by herself and no longer require suctioning.  Subsequently, Amy’s NGT was removed in November 2015.  Now, Amy is able to speak in short sentences and eat her meals by mouth.  She is currently still making progress with Beatrice even though it is almost 3 years after her stroke!

We have tried 3 different Speech Therapists but it is the intangibles that have made Beatrice so special in her therapy: courage to solve the most complex case while other therapists would shun away, devotion to ensure the patient gets the right treatment, dedication and perseverance to work with care-givers to see the patient recover.” - Mr Choong, 55                                                                                          



“I was admitted in Indonesia for pneumonia and the doctors said I need a tracheostomy tube to help me breathe. I was fed through an NGT but was allowed to drink water by mouth.  However, whenever I drink water I always cough and felt like choking but I didn’t understand why.

I decided to come to Singapore to continue my medical treatment.  When in Singapore, my doctors referred me to Beatrice.  She explained to me about my weak swallowing muscles and how it causes food and drink to enter the airway. She taught me exercises to make my swallowing stronger.  Now I can drink some liquids without coughing. 

Beatrice has been very encouraging during therapy and she believes that my swallowing muscles will continue to get stronger with exercise, and reassures me that I will be able to eat and drink again.

After understanding how a Speech Therapist can help with swallowing treatment, I am happy to hear that Beatrice will come to Jakarta to help other people here!  I will definitely continue to follow up with Beatrice when she comes to Jakarta” -  Mr Soesanto, 73