My wife Amy had a big stroke in May 2013.  She was admitted in hospital for 9 months.  After 9 months, we were told by the doctors to send Amy to a nursing home as her rehabilitation potential was limited.  At that time, she had a tracheostomy tube for breathing and NGT for feeding.  We were devastated.  Fortunately, in March 2014, we met Beatrice and she gave us hope that Amy would improve with the right therapy.  We took Amy home and Beatrice would come to our house to do therapy.  Beatrice taught Amy many new exercises to improve her breathing and swallowing and day by day, we could see Amy making progress.  In December 2014, the tracheostomy tube was removed as she was able to breathe by herself and no longer require suctioning.  Subsequently, Amy’s NGT was removed in November 2015.  Now, Amy is able to speak in short sentences and eat her meals by mouth.  She is currently still making progress with Beatrice even though it is almost 3 years after her stroke!

We have tried 3 different Speech Therapists but it is the intangibles that have made Beatrice so special in her therapy: courage to solve the most complex case while other therapists would shun away, devotion to ensure the patient gets the right treatment, dedication and perseverance to work with care-givers to see the patient recover.

Choong, Husband of Amy

My husband had been admitted to Gleneagles Hospital following a hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage. He has expressive aphasia and has been doing speech therapy with Beatrice since the day of his stroke in March 2016. He has shown much improvement in his ability to communicate and we are aiming for him to go back to work soon. 

Beatrice is a very caring and kind person. She is very professional in her job. We are grateful, thankful & blessed to have her.

Mrs Yip, Wife of Mr. Yip

I have been having swallowing problems after my treatment for nasopharyngeal cancer and the ENT doctor referred me to Beatrice.  When I first met her, I was in a rush and did not have much time to consult with her.  As such, I did not expect significant improvement for my swallowing difficulty.  However, I was impressed by how she was able to assess and pin point the types of treatment suitable for me.  Within 3-4 weeks I had felt remarkable improvements in my swallowing.

She was also fully committed on our next appointment where she did an X -Ray of my swallowing, reviewed me on my swallowing exercises and accompanied me to my appointments with the doctors to update them.

Beatrice is a knowledgeable and dedicated speech therapist and I am glad to have met her.

Mr Muten


My mother, Mdm Lee, was on the NGT after she was discharged from the hospital with pneumonia. Melissa worked hard with her, seeing her twice a week for to manage her swallowing difficulties. 

Mdm Lee also had to do a swallowing x-ray and Melissa was there to use visuals to describe the swallowing presentation to my mother and me. Even though my mother is in her 90s, Melissa always does her best to build rapport with her and to patiently educate her as she is very alert and wants to be aware of all the changes happening to her. By doing so, she has also gained my mother's trust in working well and listening to her. 

Melissa has been very encouraging and passionate throughout this journey. She is creative in coming up with variety of food items that my mother is able to eat safely and also teaches my helper how to prepare them in such a manner so she will not get bored with her food.

Melissa also taught her exercises to strengthen her swallowing muscles and eventually my mother was able to improve till she was able to drink normal water without any thickener and take minced diet without the NGT. My family and my mother were so happy with the outcome after months of therapy.

Winnie, daughter of Mdm Lee


Beatrice is a committed therapist who makes an effort to really understand my mother and builds great rapport with her. Beatrice is sincere and truly cares about my mother's progress towards recovery, and therefore has managed to win my mum's trust and confidence in her.  Beatrice constantly encourages my mother to eat well and do her exercises which has played an importance role in the maintenance of her swallowing function.  

Im Neo, Daughter of Madam Koon

My wife, Meenu, had difficulties with expressing herself after her stroke in December 2016. With regular therapy, Melissa had worked hard together with her for weeks and she has shown such remarkable improvement since the start of therapy. Melissa has been really encouraging and patient, while constantly providing challenges for Meenu throughout the therapy sessions. She also puts in the effort to explain to me the various strategies and follow up activities that I can use with my wife to help her in improving her communication. She has really made an impact in my wife's road to recovery.

Husband of Meenu

Melissa has been working with my son, ZY, since January 2017. Over the past 6 months I have noticed significant improvement with my son’s speech and language. ZY is also now more confident in expressing himself and has become very motivated to correct his errors when they are pointed out to him. His teachers have also noticed improvements in his communication with his peers in school. Melissa provides me with constant updates about ZY’s progress and follow up activities that I can do with ZY. She always attempts to maintain ZY’s interest by involving games as part of her therapy. It makes me very comforted to see Melissa’s dedication towards helping ZY progress.

Mother of ZY (7 years old)

Charmaine has been seeing my son for therapy to improve his speech and language ability.  She has shown much patience in explaining to us his assessment results and teaching us strategies and ideas for home activities.  My son enjoys his speech therapy sessions with Charmaine as she is creative in designing activities suitable for him and is ever so cheerful.  We are happy with his progress so far.

Mother of AC (4 years old)