1) Resource Thickener

Price: $18

Description: Resource® ThickenUp® Clear is a thickener for people with swallowing difficulties.  When added to any food or beverages, it thickens quickly and does not alter the taste and color. Liquid thickened remains clear and free of lumps. It thickens rapidly and the thickness stays consistent over time.

For more information on Resource® ThickenUp® Clear, please click on this link

2) ISO-PLUS Swallowing Exercise Device

Description: The ISO-PLUS Swallowing Exercise Device was designed to strengthen the suprahyoid muscles under the chin, thus strengthening the swallowing function.

The ISO Swallowing Exercise Device is made of strong, durable, flexible polypropylene. As the chin is pressed down against the chin pad, the ISO-SED flexes providing smooth, gentle resistance. It is fun and easy to use and provides an intense workout for the suprahyoid muscles in the throat.

For more information on ISO-PLUS Swallowing Exercise Device, please click on this link


3) NeuroAID

Price: $650

NeuroAiD™ is an oral treatment for post stroke recovery. NeuroAiD™ gives post stroke survivors better chance of repairing their neurological deficits and recovering a maximum of their lost motor and cognitive capabilities.

There are over 30 publications published on NeuroAiD™, with positive results reported.  For more information on NeuroAiD™, please click on this link


5) Ena-Charge Fruit Jelly

Price: $2.50

Provides energy for those with poor appetite, or hydration for those with dysphagia. Serves as an alternative to thickened fluids. Now comes in an innovative bottle packaging (peach, apple, and lemon soda flavours) so that you can take it wherever you go. Stay hydrated all day!

  • Smooth texture makes it easy to swallow.

  • Great for those with poor appetite or require thickened fluids.

  • Ready-to-eat. Just pour out and enjoy.

  • Instead of water, place medication into a spoonful of jelly for easier swallowing. Also helps to mask the bitterness of medication.

  • High in dietary fibre (apple and muscat grape) or iron (apricot and kyoho grape).

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